JaIMG_0268 (2)net E. Danforth, CPF Emeritus, IAF Assessor

Founding Partner, Facilitator4hire


In Memoriam

 Janet was the Founding Partner of Facilitator4hire, a 19-year-old firm which has amassed an enviable US and foreign client list in corporate, government and not-for-profit organizations. Facilitator4hire is a leading company offering meeting design and facilitation services as well as training in collaborative skills, in face-to-face and in virtual environments. She specialized in serving senior management and project teams in the technology, energy and manufacturing sectors.

Janet was an active member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), and was instrumental in the development and dissemination of the worldwide standard of competencies, the Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) certification. She became a CPF in 1999 in London, and an Assessor for the certification in 2000 in Toronto. She assessed facilitator candidates in Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Canada, and across the US. In 2018, Janet was named to the IAF Hall of Fame, and became the first CPF Emeritus.

With more than half of all meetings being distributed, Janet was a pioneer in designing and adapting learning curriculum and facilitated meeting processes for virtual environments, especially 3D immersive environments using avatars.

Janet was a popular speaker and editorial contributor on the subjects of virtual facilitation and collaboration. She  delivered webinars for organizations such as GP Strategies, SAP Europe and the Project Management Institute. She presented at numerous IAF conferences at home and abroad, and at Agile software development conferences. She was quoted often in industry publications and was quoted in the Wall Street Journal regarding return on investment from corporate meetings.

Her unwavering support for IAF, her passion for her work, and her deep respect for the art of facilitation and those who practice it have made a lasting impact on the profession.


IMG_2738 (2)Robert L. Moir, CPF, IAF Assessor

646 Seed Farm Rd., Westminster, SC  29693

Tel.  (864) 324-3005   Email:


Bob is currently Managing Partner for Faciltator4hire. The firm specializes in the design and facilitation of collaborative work and skills training in support of corporate initiatives and projects. These services are delivered both face-to-face and virtually.  He is a pioneer in the strategy for, and design and utilization of virtual technology for training and facilitation around distributed project work. Bob co-authored and teaches Facilitator4hire’s flagship courses, “Facilitation4Results,” “Facilitation4Trainers, Facilitation4Virtual Meetings” and “Collaborative Leadership4Project Managers.”

Before joining Facilitator4hire, Bob held senior positions in several organizations: As Marketing Manager for OD Resources, an international change management consulting firm with projects worldwide, as Senior Consultant for The Mescon Group, an OD firm specializing in manufacturing, as Chief Operating Officer for a web-based estate planning firm.

Bob is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and a CPF Assessor for the International Association of Facilitators. He has assessed in Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, Canada and across the US for the IAF. He recently led a team to co-found the first IAF virtual chapter with members from across the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

A prolific writer, Bob ghost-wrote a book for an international change management guru, and has been published in business and industry journals including SHRM and Performance Management Magazine.

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