Good meetings don't just happen. Statistics show that American professionals lose an average of 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings. Leaders with outstanding facilitation skills are key to productive meetings that save time and money by increasing meeting focus and efficiency.

The Facilitation4Results family of courses gives participants common sense processes they can use immediately to facilitate and support facilitation in their organizations. They come away from these courses with new skills, enhanced confidence, and a complete course manual providing samples, templates and facilitation guides.

All courses are taught face-to-face, and selected courses are taught virtually. All instructors are International Association of Facilitators (IAF) “Certified Professional Facilitators.” This offers you the most practical, results-driven instruction available. In addition, we provide coaching and assistance after the class in preparing meeting agendas and process guides, and talking through issues you may have with upcoming meetings, all at no extra charge!

Courses Available:

Advanced Skills4Facilitators
Collaborative Leadership4Managers
Facilitation4Virtual Meetings
Facilitation4Results in Manufacturing
Facilitation4Agile Practitioners
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Take Facilitation4Results in a virtual 3D [immersive virtual format] using Avatars, or face-to-face as an in-house class.
See What Clients Say about this course! More than 2000 trained in the last four years…
Taught by IAF-Certified Professional Facilitators who are Facilitators first!

This basic course offers a combination of highly interactive asynchronous and hands-on sessions that give students what they need to facilitate in their organizational environments. They come away with new skills, enhanced confidence, and a complete course manual providing samples, templates, and facilitation guides.

Facilitation4Results is the first basic facilitation course in North America developed on the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) core competencies for professional certification.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand how to work with meeting sponsors and the people for whom the meeting results are most important
  • Understand the role of the neutral facilitator in collaborative group environments
  • Learn key facilitation techniques and processes, such as consensus building, conflict management, and decision-making
  • Understand the implications for distributed teams when facilitating distributed collaborative work
  • Learn how to avoid common facilitation and meeting management pitfalls
  • Practice and receive feedback on your personal facilitation techniques
Offered as a two-day public course, $1095/person, materials included
Offered as a two-day virtual course, $1095/person, materials included
As a two-day private, in-house or virtual course, $9000 for up to 16 participants, materials included
As a three-day private, in-house course, $12,000 for up to 16 participants, materials included Click here to contact Facilitator4hire about this class.


Advanced Skills4Facilitators

This challenging one-day "customized-to-the-student" class is a perfect next step for facilitators who want to refine and practice advanced core competencies, facilitation processes and techniques.

Prior to taking the course, participants will identify areas for improvement through personal interviews and mock client-sponsor interviews with instructors. They will prepare a mock facilitation event beforehand, deliver their preparation materials and meeting design to instructors for review, and facilitate their workshops as a part of the course.

Class size is limited to eight people to enable participants to receive more personalized coaching and peer feedback.

Course Objectives:
  • Learn advanced facilitation session preparation techniques
  • Demonstrate advanced facilitation skills and receive feedback
  • Understand how to relate the IAF Core Competencies, Statement of Values and Code of Ethics to the facilitation practices of individual participants
  • Gain resources for advanced meeting processes and tools
Offered as a One-day Public Course, $595/person, materials included.
Offered as a One-day Private In-house course, $4500, limited to eight students.

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Collaborative Leadership4Managers

In the pressure-cooker work environment of today, the imperative has never been greater for leaders to get every ounce of discretionary effort from the workforce, and produce more with less.

To help managers respond to this need, we are pleased to offer “Collaborative Leadership4Managers.” This course is designed specifically for leaders tasked with helping groups break through to new levels of productivity in the most complex workplace in history. This highly interactive course offers practical, proven collaborative skills leaders can apply immediately to improve operational results through effective collaboration.

Course Objectives:

In Collaborative Leadership4Managers, participants will:
  • Understand the meaning of Collaborative Leadership
  • Understand when/when not to use collaborative processes to get work done
  • Understand the roles, responsibilities and skills of a collaborative leader in an operations-driven environment: –When working with a Facilitator –When facilitating collaborative work personally –When supporting implementation of collaborative work
  • Practice and receive feedback on collaborative leadership skills
Offered as a Two-day, Private, In-house Course, $9000 for up to 16 participants, materials included

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This course is suitable for trainers of any experience level who wish to develop or improve facilitation skills to apply to their training environments, or to use when facilitating collaborative meetings.

The trainer comes to a training session with both the process and content. Trainers have particular and specific learning objectives they must deliver on, and they usually bring content expertise to the table as well. There is a clear distinction between “Facilitator” and “Trainer."

By comparison, the facilitator controls meeting processes only. The facilitated session may result in a decision or a plan, for example, but the specific content of that result is the responsibility of the group. Pure facilitators often facilitate sessions where they have no content knowledge. In fact it is often preferable as a way of ensuring their neutrality. Their role is to assist groups in managing the information and collaborative environment necessary to achieve the result of a meeting in a timely manner.

Just as trainers have specific skills, facilitators also have a defined, internationally-recognized skill set. Some of these skills overlap. The purpose of this course is to teach the skills of the meeting facilitator, and to teach trainers how and when to use facilitation skills to enrich the learning environment.

Course Objectives:
  • Learn key facilitation techniques and processes that apply not only to meetings, but to adult learning environments as well
  • Understand how to incorporate facilitative techniques and skills into curriculum development and training delivery
  • Learn how to avoid common facilitation pitfalls
  • Practice and receive feedback on the techniques and processes
Offered as a Two-day Private,In-house Course, $9000 for up to 16 participants, materials included.

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Facilitation4Virtual Meetings

Happy New Year! We are excited to offer our Facilitation4Virtual Meetings January 8, 2015, in our virtual classroom in Avayalive-Engage.
SPECIAL PRICE: $300/person, a savings of $195! Limited to eight students.

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This class prepares you to facilitate virtual meetings that get collaborative work done by keeping people engaged through good process and flawless execution of both the facilitation and the technology.

 Course Objectives:

  • Understand how to prepare for a facilitated virtual session
  • Understand how to choose the right technology for the virtual meeting
  • Understand how to design and facilitate virtual meetings when your choice of technologies is limited
  • Understand how to apply the seven collaborative tools facilitators use to gather, process and add value in virtual meetings
  • Understand how to merge facilitation process with technology capabilities to get desired results
  • Learn four techniques for enhancing participant engagement in virtual meetings
Offered as a One-day Private, In-house Course, $5000 for up to 16 participants, materials included.
Offered as a One-day public in an online virtual classroom, $495/per person, limited to twelve students, digital materials included.

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Facilitation4Results in Manufacturing

This class is for the people in your manufacturing environment who are charged with creating improvement “where the rubber meets the road:” Project Managers, Project Champions, Team Leads, and Process Improvement Methodologists. To paraphrase, “…We don’t make Six Sigma/Lean, we make Six Sigma/Lean better.”

This customized course for manufacturing has evolved from three years of student feedback and measurement in global manufacturing environments. What have we learned?
  • Only 30% of continuous improvement collaborative work sessions and events achieve their intended purpose.
  • Only 15% of improvement initiatives are successfully implemented.
When asked “Where do things go wrong…,” students told us they needed the skills to manage the human aspects of collaboration and project implementation. They told us projects fail when collaboration is taken for granted.

In this class, students learn the collaboration and facilitation skills to assist project champions in clarifying their role in sponsoring successful events and project implementation. They learn to design and facilitate successful collaborative events and to support people during collaborative events and project implementation.

Course Objectives:
  • Understand the Role of the Facilitator in Collaborative Group Environments
  • Learn Key Facilitation Techniques and Processes
  • Learn How to Avoid Common Facilitation Pitfalls
  • Practice and Receive Feedback on the Techniques and Processes
Offered as a Two-day Public Course, $895/person, materials included
Offered as a Two-day Private, In-house Course, $9000 for up to 16 participants, materials included

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Facilitation4Agile Practitioners

Facilitation4Agile Practitioners is customized for Agile Project Managers, Coaches and Consultants. For the first time, students anywhere have access to training delivered by pioneers in collaboration for Agile. This course is offered in a 3-D virtual immersive learning environment online, in 90-minute modules. Students and instructors are customized avatars with amazing interactive capabilities that enhance collaborative engagement. The benefits to you of learning collaboration skills in a 3-D immersive learning environment are:
  • Engages learners with life-like interactivity
  • Provides realistic role-play and feedback
  • Feels like second-nature immediately, so you can focus on learning, not the technology.
  • Share and interact with unlimited content side-by-side simultaneously.
  • Video recording of each class session for easy review.
  • Content that includes lecture, team and individual exercises with immediate peer and instructor feedback.
  • Technology runs in your browser, installs in moments, requires no special equipment.
The course includes a 30-minute coaching session prior to the class to familiarize students with the technology and their avatars. This practice session ensures optimal value for students participating in the virtual classroom.

Your Instructors, Robert Moir and Janet Danforth Instructors Janet Danforth and Robert Moir are pioneers in providing collaboration training and facilitation services in Agile project environments.
  • Janet Danforth was trained in DSDM Project Management in 2000 in Salt Lake City.
  • Bob and Janet have trained Agile Leaders including:
    • Alistair Cockburn
    • Jean Tabaka
    • Ivan Bartolo
    • Michael Spayd
    • Ahmed Sidky
    • David Spann
  • We have trained Agile teams in Norway, Malta and across the US.
  • In 1999 Janet became an International Association of Facilitators-Certified Professional Facilitator in the DSDM environment in Europe, and became one of the first five IAF Assessors in North America. Bob became a CPF in 2001, and an IAF Assessor in 2002.
  • Janet has presented at Agile Conferences in Salt Lake City and Chicago.
  • Bob and Janet were honored to facilitate the Agile Ten-year Celebration at Snowbird in February, 2011, a gathering of global Agile leaders.
This Class Will Prepare You To:
  • Understand the role of facilitation and collaboration in Agile projects.
  • Consult with Agile project sponsors/product owners to identify clear objectives and deliverables.
  • Design session processes that engage participants and produce desired results.
  • Be proficient in the use of the seven facilitation tools.
  • Practice facilitation techniques and processes for both face-to-face and distributed sessions.
  • Be proficient in the choice and use of technology support for distributed sessions.
  • Facilitate Agile sessions, both face-to-face and in a virtual environment.
Class Content Includes:
  • The Role of Collaboration in Agile Projects
  • Types of Agile Events and Meetings (Team Exercise)
  • Collaboration Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Project Manager’s Dilemma: Facilitating Your Own Teams
  • Agenda-building From Scratch (Team Exercise)
  • Opening a Session... Power­ Start to Build Context (Individual Demonstration and Feedback)
  • The Seven Tools of the Facilitator and How to Use Them (Questions, Listing, Brainstorming, Grouping, Prioritizing, Dialogue, Consensus)
  • Applying the Tools…Facilitation Techniques and Processes
  • The Power of Questions and Neutrality on Content
  • Preparing the Facilitator’s Session Guide( Exercise in Pairs)
  • Managing Dysfunctional Behavior
  • Team Evolution
  • Communication Styles and Their Impact on the Team
  • Closing the Session With Action
  • Session Follow-up and Next Steps
  • Using Tools and Techniques, Plan For and Conduct an Agile Project Session (Co-facilitation Final Exercise With Feedback From Peers and Instructors)
Cost: $1095.00 (NOTE: Pilot class cost is $500.00 per student. Pilot class is limited to the first ten people who register for the September/October 2012 course. Pilot class students are asked to provide feedback to F4Hire on this new customized offering.) Click here to register.

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