Advanced Skills4Facilitators

Offered as a One-day Public Course, $595/person, materials included.
Offered as a One-day Private In-house course, $4500, limited to eight students.

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This challenging one-day “customized-to-the-student” class is a perfect next step for facilitators who want to refine and practice advanced core competencies, facilitation processes and techniques.

Prior to taking the course, participants will identify areas for improvement through personal interviews and mock client-sponsor interviews with instructors. They will prepare a mock facilitation event beforehand, deliver their preparation materials and meeting design to instructors for review, and facilitate their workshops as a part of the course.

Class size is limited to eight people to enable participants to receive more personalized coaching and peer feedback.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn advanced facilitation session preparation techniques
  • Demonstrate advanced facilitation skills and receive feedback
  • Understand how to relate the IAF Core Competencies, Statement of Values and Code of Ethics to the facilitation practices of individual participants
  • Gain resources for advanced meeting processes and tools