Collaborative Leadership4Managers

Offered as a Two-day, Private, In-house Course, $9000 for up to 16 participants, materials included

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In the pressure-cooker work environment of today, the imperative has never been greater for leaders to get every ounce of discretionary effort from the workforce, and produce more with less.

To help managers respond to this need, we are pleased to offer “Collaborative Leadership4Managers.” This course is designed specifically for leaders tasked with helping groups break through to new levels of productivity in the most complex workplace in history. This highly interactive course offers practical, proven collaborative skills leaders can apply immediately to improve operational results through effective collaboration.

Course Objectives:

In Collaborative Leadership4Managers, participants will:

  • Understand the meaning of Collaborative Leadership
  • Understand when/when not to use collaborative processes to get work done
  • Understand the roles, responsibilities and skills of a collaborative leader in an operations-driven environment: –When working with a Facilitator –When facilitating collaborative work personally –When supporting implementation of collaborative work
  • Practice and receive feedback on collaborative leadership skills