Offered as a Two-day Private, In-house Course, $9000 for up to 16 participants, materials included

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This class is for the people in your manufacturing environment who are charged with creating improvement “where the rubber meets the road:” Project Managers, Project Champions, Team Leads, and Process Improvement Methodologists. To paraphrase, “…We don’t make Six Sigma/Lean, we make Six Sigma/Lean better.”

This customized course for manufacturing has evolved from three years of student feedback and measurement in global manufacturing environments. What have we learned?

  • Only 30% of continuous improvement collaborative work sessions and events achieve their intended purpose.
  • Only 15% of improvement initiatives are successfully implemented.

When asked “Where do things go wrong…,” students told us they needed the skills to manage the human aspects of collaboration and project implementation. They told us projects fail when collaboration is taken for granted.

In this class, students learn the collaboration and facilitation skills to assist project champions in clarifying their role in sponsoring successful events and project implementation. They learn to design and facilitate successful collaborative events and to support people during collaborative events and project implementation.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the Role of the Facilitator in Collaborative Group Environments
  • Learn Key Facilitation Techniques and Processes
  • Learn How to Avoid Common Facilitation Pitfalls
  • Practice and Receive Feedback on the Techniques and Processes