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  • Offered as a Two-day Private, In-house or Online Course, $9000 for up to 16 participants, materials included.

This course is suitable for trainers of any experience level who wish to develop or improve facilitation skills to apply to their training environments, or to use when facilitating collaborative meetings.

The trainer comes to a training session with both the process and content. Trainers have particular and specific learning objectives they must deliver on, and they usually bring content expertise to the table as well. There is a clear distinction between “Facilitator” and “Trainer.”

By comparison, the facilitator controls meeting processes only. The facilitated session may result in a decision or a plan, for example, but the specific content of that result is the responsibility of the group. Pure facilitators often facilitate sessions where they have no content knowledge. In fact it is often preferable as a way of ensuring their neutrality. Their role is to assist groups in managing the information and collaborative environment necessary to achieve the result of a meeting in a timely manner.

Just as trainers have specific skills, facilitators also have a defined, internationally-recognized skill set. Some of these skills overlap. The purpose of this course is to teach the skills of the meeting facilitator, and to teach trainers how and when to use facilitation skills to enrich the learning environment.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn key facilitation techniques and processes that apply not only to meetings, but to adult learning environments as well
  • Understand how to incorporate facilitative techniques and skills into curriculum development and training delivery
  • Learn how to avoid common facilitation pitfalls
  • Practice and receive feedback on facilitative training techniques and processes