Meeting Assessment Consulting


Your meetings are wasting time, bleeding cash and delivering sub-optimal results. You know it, you just can’t prove it.

As a leader, you are focused on “creating cash inside the system.” You are being directed to strategically allocate scarce resources: your people and capital. Ineffective, time-consuming meetings waste both, at a cost you can no longer afford. In the U.S. the estimated waste from poorly-run meetings is more than $200 billion annually in lost time and wasted talent.


Now you can have the hard information to fix bad meetings…once and for all.

Everyone knows it, but nobody wants to own the problem. In the conference room, on the phone, in the video suite, online, in the hallway… Bad meetings waste time and money. Worse, bad meetings drain enthusiasm, kill engagement and produce mediocre results.

Are you ready to own the problem in your company ? If so, we can help.

Facilitator4hire has a four-step solution… We can help you take a hard look at your company’s meeting practices, processes and technology, with an eye toward eliminating waste, the same way you look at operations every day.

The Facts:

  • More than eleven million meetings take place in the US daily. Most professionals attend 61.8 meetings a month.
  • More than 50% of this meeting time is wasted. Assuming each meeting is one hour long, professionals lose a minimum of 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings.

Without the facts from your company, it is hard to make the case for improving your meeting systems, structures, practices and behaviors, things that directly impact meeting effectiveness and return on the investment in your meetings.

Can you continue to ignore this time-consuming, inefficient drain on your company’s resources? 

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